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Have you recently suffered an injury and need some help getting back to running? Are you fed up of always getting injured? Do you want to know more about how you run and what you can do to reduce the risk of injury?

At the running clinic we offer a bespoke and unique service utilising both Physiotherapy and Podiatry to help you achieve your running goals. We feel teamwork provides you with the best service possible. Nick and Claire have a wealth of experience in the management of running related injuries. Both Nick and Claire are keen runners, who want to share their knowledge and expertise allowing you to maximise your running potential and get you back to full running fitness.

Running related injuries include:

Runner’s knee: Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)

Achilles tendonitis

Hamstring injuries

Plantar fasciitis: foot pain

Shin splints

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS): lateral knee pain

Stress fractures

Whether you are a couch to 5km or an ultra-marathon runner we have the expertise and facilities to help you. We work with runners of all abilities to help you reduce the risk of injury, improve your running technique, performance, economy and efficiency.

What we offer you during your running assessment:

Nick and Claire will ask questions about your running history and previous or current running related injuries.


A physiotherapy and podiatry screening assessment will be carried out to identify any joint flexibility/stiffness and muscle weakness.

Nick & Claire will watch you running on the treadmill and assess your technique through video analysis. Following your running assessment, you will be given advice and education. An individualised exercise program will be provided to help you achieve a more efficient running style, improve your performance and economy, and most importantly reduce your risk of injury.

For further information please call Coach House Health Care on 01223 340491

Sessions are 60 minutes and £120

email nick@trumpingtonphysiotherapy.com or claireduguid@hotmail.com

Watching the video from the treadmill was intriguing and really helped me to see all the points Nick and Claire made, tipping from the hips, the foot flick etc. That was definitely a “picture tells a thousand words” moment’’. JC

Thanks again for the running clinic. It was just amazing. I feel like I learnt loads about my running style that I wasn’t even aware of, you identified exactly where I need to strengthen, and have taught me the exercises to fix those weaknesses. It was just so helpful and can’t thank Claire and Nick enough. I was getting really disillusioned with the running and the whole experience has given me added optimism and focus” RB

’Very positive experience at the running clinic at Coach House Health Care:
Claire and Nick took a full history and established what I was wanting advice on.  They videoed me running on a treadmill and this allowed them to show me what they were seeing. They offered practical advice on my gait and running style, and offered recommendations to help correct problems, increase my flexibility and strengthen my running muscles.  Very comprehensive, very impressed.  I’ve already seen an improvement from adopting the advice they gave me. Can highly recommend’’.RS







During my podiatry career, I have always had a special interest in sports injuries, running biomechanics and running footwear, which has given me the opportunity to work with runners and athletes of all abilities. Through my own experiences of being a triathlete and triathelon coach I understand the importance of running regularly and keeping active.


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My interest in running started when I ran my first half marathon whilst at secondary school. 
We are all unique and run differently. How fast and how far is up to you. I want you to run to your potential and avoid injury.
I understand the importance of training and running management. Whilst running a half marathon in 2012 I sustained a neck of femur stress fracture and the re-hab from that has been a great source of personal education. I now run 2-3 times per week and always vary the distances and speed to improve my running durability.
I love to combine my passion for running alongside my 27 years as a Physiotherapist bringing both sides together to help you run better.


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